New updates and improvements to Take App

Mar 2, 2024

Analytics Reports, Banner, Ziina, WigWag and Payment proof for Manual payments

Feb 24, 2024

Low Inventory Alerts, SEPA Payments, Google Map Card, Miles Unit

Feb 17, 2024

Customer loyalty, Workflow with payment proof, Workflow quota, Postal code requirement

Feb 3, 2024

📠 Printer for Orders, Order Detail Page Layout, and QR Code Scan Banner

Jan 27, 2024

Payment proof upload, workflow, Image in Checkout page

Jan 20, 2024

Background color and Payment methods (Duitnow, Pix, Revolut)

Jan 13, 2024

UPI, QRIS payment and new admin dashboard navigation

Dec 16, 2023

Order editor in WhatsApp, Webhook renewal, Inventory adjustment alert

Dec 2, 2023

Customer account, Xendit and product bulk editor

Nov 25, 2023

Tip card and improved products import

Nov 18, 2023

Pay with store credit, Edit options in bulk, Zelle

Nov 11, 2023

Table booking and category description

Oct 21, 2023

Email notifications and new Helpdesk

Oct 14, 2023

Payfast, M-Pesa and Cost per item

Sep 30, 2023

Category, SMS messaging, and confirming payment status

Sep 28, 2023

Friends referral, PayPal and Paynow QR

Sep 23, 2023

Manual payment status and wallet

Sep 16, 2023

More store templates and apps

Sep 9, 2023

Domain buying and email input in checkout

Sep 2, 2023

New languages and custom domain improvements

Aug 26, 2023

Logo, exporting selected orders, and password protection

Aug 19, 2023

Improved order message, Affiliate program, blog, social media link preview

Aug 12, 2023

File upload in checkout, import data from other services, Checkout settings

Aug 5, 2023

Text card and getting $10 with friends referral

Jul 29, 2023

Website preview, product category/visibility filter, editable delivery fee

Jul 22, 2023

Admin navigation, Members access permissions, product category, and Take App logo

Jul 15, 2023

Storefront for desktop, store templates, delivery distance

Jul 8, 2023

Store cloning, order summary with delivery info, product export/import with CSV

Jul 1, 2023

Product bulk upload, description in questions, Stripe payment status modal

Jun 23, 2023

Product bulk upload, Expandable product collection

Jun 16, 2023

Advanced analytics, Indonesian, and store credits

Jun 10, 2023

Analytics, Stripe Checkout, Order notification, and documentation improvement

Jun 2, 2023

Admin customers improvement including default address setting and CSV export

May 27, 2023

Availability calendar, bulk editor, and free trial

May 19, 2023

Order filter, order summary, Cutoff time and subscription

May 13, 2023

New dashboard, bulk actions, and order edit improvement