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Store cloning, order summary with delivery info, product export/import with CSV

Jul 8, 2023

Store cloning

Duplicate your existing store. This is useful when you need special occasion store such as Christmas menu. Go to Admin > Store settings (Business plan is required)

It will copy products, questions, services, payment methods, and most of store settings. Note that existing orders, customers, discounts, domains, and availability will be not copied.

Order summary with delivery information

Order summary is useful when you fulfil orders. We received feedback that delivery information such as address, delivery type, delivery fee, and its order status is important. We added those columns in Admin > Orders > Summary.

Product export and bulk edit with CSV

We added products bulk edit function for stores with many products. Export existing products to CSV file. Then, you update price and product names in the CSV file. Finally, upload the CSV file in Bulk Edit.


  • The wrong sequence of payment methods in invoice bug fixed
  • Category dropdown form is added below the profile in storefront
  • Long navbar in Admin dashboard is now scrollable
  • Url in payment method's description have hyperlink
  • The sequence of product images is editable

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