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Storefront for desktop, store templates, delivery distance

Jul 15, 2023

Storefront for Desktop

Customers who use Take App in desktop can browser wider and more responsive website. We separate profile section and content section. The category information in the profile section will stick while you scroll down so people can easily browse your products.

Store Template

Create a new store from templates. We currently have F&B, retail, and grocery templates. Once you create store from a template, you will see the designs, products, and payment methods are already copied to your new store and you can edit freely. Note that business plan is required if you already have a store.

Check our templates

Marketing in Admin dashboard

We added the new menu in Admin dashboard. You can copy your store link and easily create QR code. We have plan to add more useful tools and tips to increase traffics to your website in coming weeks.

Option to show delivery distance

Previously, we only allow the delivery distance when you set delivery distance based fee. You could not use if you wanted to settle delivery later in WhatsApp. Now we added option to show delivery distance anytime. Check delivery distance in order message and settle delivery fee easily.

To enable this setting, go to Admin > Services and enable Show delivery distance in invoice checkbox.


  • Added industry and employee size in Org settings
  • Added organisation selector for users who have multiple organisations
  • Added unit & unitValue in order CSV export
  • Added user menu on top right corner in Admin dashboard
  • Payment method's description supports markdown
  • Image quality of profile and product images improved

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