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Admin navigation, Members access permissions, product category, and Take App logo

Jul 22, 2023

Admin navigation improved

We improved overall Admin dashboard navigation to support multiple stores and organizations. You can browse all available stores and organizations in one page.

In the store admin dashboard, we added Payments and Messages in Settings so you can easily find them. They were previously in Editor.

We separated Organization related settings into a separate page to minimize confusions with Store settings.

Team membership and access control

We have a Members feature to invite your staff. As a default, the invited staff can access all your stores. If you want to limit their access to specific stores only, use Permission settings to grant limited access. Members setting is under Organization > Members settings.

Embed Take App button in your website

Do you want to let your website visitors come to Take App for ordering? Add WhatsApp icon in your website with out embedding function. Copy our code and add it into your website's HTML editor. Go to Settings > Marketing > Share

Check our example webpage with the WhatsApp button

Product category in product edit page

We changed Products collection naming to Product category as this is more straightforward to understand.

Another change is to set the product category directly in the product edit page. You can also create a product category right away in the category if you type a new category name there.

Show or hide Take App Logo

We display the Take App logo in your stores as default. If you want to remove the logo, go to Settings > General and find the option to hide. Business plan or above is required.


  • Getting started guide added when you create a new store
  • Make Invoice design printing friendly by reducing margins and gaps
  • Desktop layout improvement for website with light contents
  • Show visibility status of products in product category cards
  • Meta (Facebook) pixel supports Purchase and AddToCart events

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