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Pay with store credit, Edit options in bulk, Zelle

Nov 18, 2023

Pay with Store Credit

We added a new payment method called Store Credit. Merchants can set each customer's store credits in Admin dashboard and customers can pay orders directly with their store credit. Minimum premium subscription is required and check more details in Store credit payment

Edit options in bulk

You can add an option to multiple products in bulk instead of editing individual products.

Zelle payment method

Add Zelle which is popular bank transfer based payment method in the US.

Xendit payment method (Beta)

Xendit is fully automated and popular payment method in Indonesia and the Philippines. Once you connect, you can use most of major payment methods in regions such as Virtual Accounts (e.g. BCA), Credit Card, Retail Outlets (e.g. Alfamart), E-wallets (E.g. OVO) and QRIS. Message us if you are interested in joining beta.


  • Customers can reply to merchant's email when they receive order notification emails. Go to Admin > Settings > Notification
  • Payment methods list and specific payment page are separated.
  • In manual payments, "I have paid" and "I will pay later" button are removed. Use other payment method to show the buttons.
  • Bug fixed in order summary in case same name products exist
  • Table booking order cancel or modify button added.
  • Overselling issue when many customers place order in same time is fixed

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