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Product link, Discount link, Product tax override, and eSewa payment (Nepal)

Mar 23, 2024

Product Link Sharing

Now share your products more effectively! Preview images and titles appear correctly on social media. Tap the "Share" button on any product detail page.

Sharable Discount Codes

Easily share discounts with your customers. Discount codes apply automatically at checkout when accessed through shared links. Create these in Admin > Discounts.

Product-Level Tax Rates

You can now set specific tax rates for individual products, overriding the default store-wide tax.

SEO for Product Pages

Your products will start showing up in Google search results. Note: It takes a few weeks for new listings to appear. Available for paid plan subscribers.

New Payment Method: eSewa

We've added eSewa, a leading payment option in Nepal.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Adjusted delivery distance calculation to be more conservative, ensuring estimates closely match or exceed actual distances
  • Simplified currency display for IDR and IQD by removing decimals.
  • Fixed: Payment proof log stay after order edit
  • Fixed: Store credit duplication when the save button is pressed multiple times.
  • Fixed: Missing order creation time in printed invoices.
  • Payment proof images are now viewable in full screen.
  • Improved admin order search and pagination.
  • Store deletion process is now faster.

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