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Airtel, MTN, Service Charge, Discount link and Estimated Price

Mar 9, 2024

Hi there, here's what's new this week.

New Payment Options 📱

Airtel Money & MTN Mobile Money: We've introduced two widely-used payment methods in Africa. Simply set up your mobile number, and we'll generate a payment link to make payment seamlessly. 📍Admin > Payments

Service Charge 💰

Add an extra charge to your bills, like a service charge or commission. You can choose a percentage rate, a fixed fee, or both! For example, add add 10% service charge plus a $3 processing fee on top of the original bill. 📍Settings > Checkout

Pricing Estimate 💳

For products with variable prices, use this feature to discuss prices with customers before they commit. 📍Admin product detail page

Plan Comparison

Easily see what each plan offers and find the best fit for your needs. Check it out!

Analytics Speed Boost & Updates 📈

We've improved our analytics speed and tweaked our Orders and Sales reports. Now, "Cancelled" orders are excluded from Orders reports, and Sales reports only include "Paid" or "Partially Paid" orders.


  • Custom domains now support QR codes.
  • Improved reliability of order search in Admin.
  • Hidden products can no longer be repurchased from the invoice's "Order again" button.

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