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Analytics Reports, Banner, Ziina, WigWag and Payment proof for Manual payments

Mar 2, 2024

Here's the latest updates in Take App

New Reports for Your Business

We've added some reports to help you understand your business better. You need to have a premium plan to access these. Find them under Admin > Analytics. Here's what you can now track:

  • Orders and sales over time
  • Uncompleted orders
  • How much, on average, an order is worth
  • Which products are popular, low on stock, or making the most profit
  • Popular product categories
  • Customer activity - who's buying what, who's got store credits, who's not been active, who returns things often, and who's new
  • How different services and payment methods are performing
  • Which discounts are working best

Banner on Your Store's Front Page

You can now put a banner on your storefront to share important messages, like a new WhatsApp group or a special offer. Go to Admin > Design > Appearance and look for the "Banner" option.

Upload Payment Proof for Manual Payments

If you use manual payment methods, you can now let customers upload proof of payment. This is great for making sure payments are confirmed quickly. You need a premium plan for this. Find it in Admin > Settings > Payments.

New Payment Methods

We've added new payment options:

  • Ziina for the UAE
  • WigWag for South Africa
  • Tikkie for the Netherlands These make it easy to accept credit card payments or use QR payments with Tikkie.

Other Updates

  • Now you can add a service address with state (US) and city.
  • Contacting the seller before payment opens in a new window, so customers can easily return to the payment page.
  • Custom domains can use QR codes.
  • Added price per unit in LB.
  • Fixed a bug where discounts were showing wrong values in order exports.

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