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Low Inventory Alerts, SEPA Payments, Google Map Card, Miles Unit

Feb 24, 2024

Here's what's new and improved in Take App this week

Low Inventory Product Workflow:

  • Receive WhatsApp or email alerts when your inventory is low.
  • Go to Settings > Workflow and find the "Inventory low" trigger.

New Payment Method: SEPA

  • You can now use SEPA to accept payments from customers in the EU.
  • Go to Settings > Payments and add SEPA payment.

Google Map Card

  • Display a Google Map in your storefront.
  • Customers can easily find your location, directions, and customer reviews.
  • Go to Design > Storefront and add the "Google Map" card.

Miles Distance Unit

  • You can now use the "Miles" distance unit for the delivery distance.
  • Go to Settings > Store details and find Distance Unit.

Other Improvements

  • Resolved an intermittent email function failure on February 22nd.
  • Minor UI improvements to the Products bulk editor.

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