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Admin customers improvement including default address setting and CSV export

Jun 2, 2023

Admin customers improvement

We added Default address field in Customer so you can manage default address of customers. This is useful when you manually create a order. Customer's address will be auto-filled. Note that the first orer's delivery address will be automatically saved as default address and it will be not changed until you edit them manually.

Customers CSV export

Export all customers as CSV format. Phone number and address will be exported.

New temporary store closure option - WhatsApp redirection

This option will redirect your store link to WhatsApp directly. Use when you do not want to show your storefront anymore but still want to receive WhatsApp messages from customers via the same link


  • Fixed customer name change bug in order edit
  • Fixed delivery fee malfunction bug
  • Hide WhatsApp button into the more menu in the storefront
  • New member's phone number save while inviting
  • Changed to show the first variant's price in the storefront

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