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Storefront Info, Pocket Pay, Products Daily Limit

May 24, 2024

Storefront Info

Show opening hours, location, and reviews in storefront. As it is in store profile, customers can easily grasp information. Go to Admin > Settings to set opening hours and location.

Pocket Pay (Brunei) Added

Pocket Pay is a popular payment method for Brunei customers. It supports e-wallet, QR, and credit card payments. This automated payment option requires a premium or above plan. Learn more

Daily Limit per Products

You can set a daily limit on product quantities to sell. This feature is convenient if you have limited production capacity, stopping sales once the daily limit is reached. You don't need to reset inventory daily as this will refresh the daily capacity automatically. Premium or above plan required. Learn more here

Subscription Plans Page Re-design

We updated our subscription plans page's design to clarify pricing and plan features. If you want to learn more about paid subscriptions, go to Admin > Settings > Billing page or here.

New Content


  • Improved customers' storefront signup experience to verify their phone numbers easily. Once verified, you can see those registered customers from your Admin > Customers dashboard even if they have not ordered yet.
  • Fixed bug with 3rd party app opening in in-app-browser (e.g., Instagram).
  • Improved reliability of order payment pages.

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