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Customer account, Xendit and product bulk editor

Dec 2, 2023

Customer account

Customers can login your store and check their order history. It's email based login as default and they can verify their phone number to see orders from the phone. We have plan to add more features in customer account such as store credit status, loyalty, customer information edit and more in coming weeks. Premium plan is required and login button will be automatically added to your store.

Xendit payment

You can accept credit card, automated bank transfer (virtual account), and e-wallet (e.g. OVO, Maya) payments in your store. Xendit is one of most popular payment gateways in Indonesia and the Philippines. Go to Admin > Settings > Payments to add. Premium plan is required. Learn more

Product bulk editor

Update product information in bulk with our Excel-like bulk editor. Withough navigating individual product pages, you can easily edit multiple product details such as name, price, inventory, SKU and more. Go to Admin > Products and click Bulk edit button on the top right. Premium plan is required.


  • Product images quality improved
  • Admin dashboard navigation speed improved
  • More countries calling code supported (e.g. +599)
  • Link card link validation logic added

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