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Logo, exporting selected orders, and password protection

Aug 26, 2023

We updated our logo

The logo means an order taking assistant for your business.

Exporting selected orders

We added Selected orders option in the order export. You may search or filter orders first. Select orders to export orders.

Password protection

Do you want to have exclusive online store? Password protection is a simple way to protect your store from disallowed people. Once you enable the option, your store will be locked with password. Share the auto generated password to your customers.

More options in checkout and whatsapp message

"Display timezone" option is useful if your customers are from cross-border or cross-timezones. We will show timezone information in checkout, invoice and order message.

"Plain" option in WhatsApp message is to remove text decorations from WhatsApp message. This is useful when you share messages to outside of WhatsApp.

We now support Indonesian translation in WhatsApp order messages.

Service date and time are added in order summary

We support Tax in decimal


This week we spent much time to fix various bugs and small improvements reported from customers. Thanks for reporting issue and feedback.

  • Customer bulk tag editing bug fix
  • Customer tags are now lower case as required
  • Order name search bug fixed
  • Wrong invoice logo image in downloaded receipt bug fixed
  • Intermittent file upload card crash bug fixed
  • Wrong daily order limit bug fixed
  • Default WhatsApp us button is removed from storefront
  • Discount duplication bug while editing orders fixed
  • Missing categories after bulk inventory edit bug fixed

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