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Text card and getting $10 with friends referral

Aug 5, 2023

Text card in Checkout

Add any text into the checkout page. You can add reminders such as T&C or instruction how to place order. Go to Admin > Website > Checkout and add Text card.

Refer your friends and get $10

Share your referral link to your friends. They will get 1 month free subscription. Once your friends make first payment, you will get $10 and it will be applied to your next billing automatically. Find the referral link in your admin dashboard.

Order search by product name

Search orders by product name. For example, you can retrieve orders with "Pizza".


  • Show order invoice link when WhatsApp does not open (e.g. Wechat)
  • WhatsApp's preview link description improved
  • Address input's country form size increased
  • Do not show unavailable Stripe payment methods in checkout
  • Subscription modal redesigned
  • Overall security improved
  • Intermittent login failure fixed

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