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Customer loyalty, Workflow with payment proof, Workflow quota, Postal code requirement

Feb 17, 2024

This week's update brings several exciting enhancements and features aimed at improving your experience and optimizing your store's operations.

Customer Rewards and Loyalty Program We've introduced a much-anticipated feature: loyalty points. Now, you can offer store credits as a percentage of the purchase amount to reward your customers. This feature is designed to foster stronger customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases. To activate this feature, navigate to Admin > Settings > Rewards and Loyalty and enable "Rewards.". Customers can see their store credits history in their customer account page after login. Learn more

Workflow for uploaded payment proof image We've made it easier to handle manual payments. Now, payment proof files are automatically attached to workflow WhatsApp messages, allowing you to confirm orders and payment statuses with a single click. To set up this workflow, go to Admin > Workflow and create a trigger named "Order Payment Confirming" with the "Send WhatsApp" action.

WhatsApp Workflow Messages Quota We're introducing a quota system for WhatsApp workflow messages (automatic messages from Take App WhatsApp account) to manage costs associated with sending messages via WhatsApp. This quota varies by plan: Basic (5 conversations), Premium (50 conversations), and Business (150 conversations). Direct messages from customers remain unlimited. Monitor your usage in Settings > Billing.

Postal Code Input Requirements We've updated the postal code input requirements for service/delivery settings to reflect geographic nuances. Postal codes are now mandatory for stores in Singapore, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We've removed postal code field for Hong Kong and the UAE, aligning with their local postal practices. We keep postal code as optional field for other countries.

Enhanced Manual Bank Transfer The manual bank transfer option now includes additional fields to accommodate a broader range of banking details, such as account holder names, sort codes (UK), or bank codes, enhancing the flexibility and ease of manual transactions. The details will vary based on your store country.

Romainan language support We are pleased to announce the addition of Romanian to our supported languages, making our platform more accessible to a wider audience. If you find improvements on our translations or need other language support, go to

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