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New languages and custom domain improvements

Sep 2, 2023

4 new languages

We released new languages (Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portuguese). Based on browser's default language, you will see content automatically in their language. You can also change the language with the language button on top right of your storefront page.

Custom domain UI improvement

We added a separate setting menu for domains. You can add multiple existing domains. You can also check the current status more clearly with instructions. Note that this UI is only for customers who already have domains. Contact if you need help to buy your domain.

Custom domain in order messages

You can remove Take App branding even in order messages. Set custom domain and turn off "Show Take App logo" setting in Settings > General. Note that Business plan is required.

Hide customer and items in checkout

You can hide Customer and Items card in checkout page. This is useful when you use Take App store for dining order or when you do not need customer name or phone number.


  • Storefront and product pages speed improvement
  • Gray store theme color is removed. Existing customers who use the color can still use the color
  • Social media preview image with square ratio added

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