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Automatic Discount and Product order capacity

Jun 21, 2024

Automatic Discount

Offer store-wide discounts on all products without changing individual product prices. Choose either a percentage or a fixed amount. Go to Admin > Discount and create an "Automatic Discount." Customers do not need to apply a discount code. Learn more

New Payment Methods Added

Go to Admin > Settings > Payments to add these new methods.

  • MB Way (Portugal)
  • Instapay (Egypt)
  • Wave Mobile Money (Ivory Coast, Senegal)
  • bKash (Bangladesh)

Product Order Capacity

Limit the maximum quantity of products that customers can place in a single order. Go to Admin > Products and find the option under the Inventory section.

Available Payment Methods List by Country

We created a web page where you can easily search for payment methods by country. Check our website to see the full list of payment methods.



  • Improved timezone reliability across the service.
  • Show Closed text in the Add to Cart button if the store is closed.
  • If no message button is added on the checkout page, we redirect to the invoice page automatically.
  • Improved experience for opening payment apps in in-app browsers.

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