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WhatsApp Workflow for customers, PayPal with USD conversion, Telegram Checkout, Wise and Prompty Pay

Apr 13, 2024

WhatsApp Workflow for Customers

Now send automatic WhatsApp messages like "Your order is now confirmed" when the order status updates in your store. We're starting with basic order status updates and plan to expand to more message templates soon. Got suggestions? Let us know!

Automatic USD Conversion with PayPal

You can now use PayPal (manual payment) for any currency! We've added an automatic USD conversion feature. For instance, if your store operates with South Africa's ZAR, it will automatically convert to USD during PayPal transactions.

Telegram Checkout

Integrate Telegram for order confirmations just like you do with WhatsApp/LINE/Messenger. Add a 'Send order message to Telegram' button at checkout to streamline your process.

Admin Dashboard Layout Update

We're updating our Admin dashboard to make it cleaner and more consistent. Feedback? Please share your thoughts!

Wise & Prompt Pay Integration

  • Wise: Easily set up international transfers using your Wisetag. Find Wisetag from your profile in Wise app
  • Prompt Pay: Add Thailand's national QR payment method to your checkout options.

Service Time Selector Bug Fix

We've fixed a bug affected by Daylight Saving Time adjustments that caused issues with the service time selector. This happened to stores with DST and most countries in Take App were not affected. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Other Updates

  • Bulk edit now supports SKU via CSV.
  • Optimized receipt layouts to conserve printer paper.
  • Fixed a bug with TikTok pixel integration.
  • Products with a price of zero will no longer show a price in the search modal.
  • Fixed a bug in eSewa payment integration.
  • Delivery distance calculation feature has been disabled for Basic plan users.

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