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Order filter, order summary, Cutoff time and subscription

May 19, 2023

Order filter

Filtering orders by date is important when you prepare fulfilment. We offer filter by service (delivery) date and order date. Plus, you can also add filter by time slot customers selected.

Order summary Get aggregated numbers by items and services in order summary Now you can use the summary feature in the order list. Change order status in bulk after after filtering or searching of orders.

Cutoff time

You may not accept last minute orders. Instead, you want let customers place order few days so you have enough time to prepare. You can use cutoff time feature. For example, you accept order 1 day before with 6pm cutoff time. Customers can placer order until 6pm for tomorrow order.


We just added back our subscription plan. You have to subscribe to use premium features such as order export and WhatsApp notifications. These are full list of our premium features and we are adding more.

  • Unlimited images
  • Order export
  • Credit card payment (stripe)
  • Custom domain
  • Distance based delivery fee
  • Email and WhatsApp order notifications

We also added Business plan for bigger business. They can invite staffs and create multiple stores.

Please visit to subscribe.

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