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Background color and Payment methods (Duitnow, Pix, Revolut)

Jan 20, 2024

New Payment Methods: Duitnow, Pix and Revolut We're thrilled to introduce new payment options: Duitnow (Malaysia) and Pix (Brazil) – both are highly popular, QR code-based instant payment methods in their respective regions. Your customers will now see dynamically generated QR codes with pre-filled amounts and references. Additionally, we've integrated Revolut, a global banking and card service, making money requests more convenient than ever.

Customize Your Storefront's Background Color Get creative with your storefront's look! We've added an "Appearance" menu under Admin > Design, allowing you to choose from a wider range of colors for your storefront and checkout pages. Besides the primary color (used for buttons and highlights), you now have the freedom to select any background color you like, moving beyond the previous limit of 12 options.

AI Product Importer: Effortless Product Addition While our CSV-based product import function has been useful, we understand the need for flexibility. Our new AI product importer allows you to enter free-form text and automatically generate a product list. This feature can be found under Admin > Products > Import, streamlining your product addition process.

Cost Per Item Feature for Product Variants Managing your inventory just got easier! You can now set a 'Cost per Item' for each product variant using our bulk editor under Admin > Products. Please note, this feature isn't available on the Admin product detail page yet. Once set, the cost per item will be included in your order exports, helping you keep better track of your finances.

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