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UPI, QRIS payment and new admin dashboard navigation

Jan 13, 2024

New Payment Methods: UPI and QRIS We're excited to announce support for popular QR payment methods: UPI and QRIS. You can now generate dynamic QR codes for seamless payments, with pre-filled amounts and references. Set this up under Admin > Settings > Payments.

Enhanced Admin Dashboard Navigation Navigating our 20+ dashboard pages is now simpler! We've consolidated all settings-related menus into a single page for easier access. Additionally, the "Website" menu has been renamed to "Design" for better clarity.

Design System Upgrade and Timezone Support We've dedicated the past few weeks to enhancing our design system and improving timezone support. While the overall customer experience remains largely unchanged, this update focuses on increasing system stability. Please note some UI behaviors may have changed; do report any issues you encounter.

Premium Plan Pricing Update Important Notice: Starting January 19th, the Premium plan will be priced at 19 USD for new subscribers. Existing subscribers will continue to enjoy the current rate of 10 USD. To lock in this rate, subscribe this week at


  • Improved stability for bulk product updates.
  • Access Restriction for Staff: Staff members can no longer access settings, aligning with our enhanced security measures.

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