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Category, SMS messaging, and confirming payment status

Sep 30, 2023

Product category menu is added under Admin Products menu. You can easily manage category of products.

WhatsApp order send page is added. As a next page of checkout, this page gives customers clear instruction to open WhatsApp. It will also handle better for customers who use desktop or do not have WhatsApp in their phone.

Customers can send you order messages via text (SMS). Once the option enabled, customers can choose WhatsApp or Text button to send you order message.

Confirming payment payment status is added. When customers click "I have paid" button in manual payment flow, we change payment status to Confirming payment so merchants can confirm manually.

Checkout page's admin mode behavior is changed. Admin mode is allowed only when you click Edit order, Duplicate, or Create order button in admin dashboard. Otherwise, admin mode will be not activated.

Webhook App is added (beta). You can connect to Zapier or other 3rd party serivces to automate tasks. For example, you can save all incoming orders into Google Spreadsheet with Zapier integration.

Translation feedback and feature requests website are added. If you have translation feedback or feature requests, click Admin's top right corner's user menu or visit


  • Checkout page design improved
  • Paypal payment is not allowed in unsupported currency of store.
  • Customer search by email
  • Image drag and drop experience improved

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