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Fulfillment Status, Domain Purchase, Mercado Pago, Flutterwave

Jul 5, 2024

Fulfillment Status

Delivery and fulfillment are complex operations requiring collaboration with staff and drivers. To improve this process, we added Fulfillment Status (unfulfilled, ready, out for delivery, fulfilled) in orders. For example, you can set the "Ready" status when the item is ready for delivery/collection. When the driver picks up and starts delivery, you can change it to "Out for delivery." Once the delivery is completed, mark it as "Fulfilled". Learn more

Fulfillment Workflow

We also added a workflow utilizing Fulfillment Status. You can improve and automate operations, including:

  • Sending WhatsApp messages to drivers when the order fulfillment status is changed to "Ready."
  • Sending WhatsApp messages to customers when the status is "Out for delivery," so they can prepare for cash on delivery.
  • Sending invoice emails to customers when the status is "Fulfilled". Learn more

Domain Purchase

A website domain is important as it makes your business more professional. You can buy new domains through Take App easily. We made the domain purchase process automated, and you can set up a domain in a few clicks. Go to Admin > Settings > Domains and click the "Buy a new domain" button to get started. Learn more

New Payments: Mercado Pago, Flutterwave

We added two new popular and automated payment options:

  • Mercado Pago: Accept cards and mobile payments in LATAM. Learn more
  • Flutterwave: Accept cards and mobile money in Africa. Learn more


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