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Analytics, Stripe Checkout, Order notification, and documentation improvement

Jun 10, 2023


We added Analytics page. You can get insight into your visitors, analyze the trend of orders and sales. Find menu "Analytics"

Seamless Stripe Checkout

We will let customers choose payment methods before sending message if you set payment methods. If they choose Stripe payment, they will be redirected to Stripe's payment page and comeback once the payment is completed. This is seamless and you can save time to guide customers manually in WhatsApp.

Learn more about Stripe payment


We updated our documentation website aligned with our new version Take App. You can learn more about our paid features, best practice, and many how-to tutorials.

Get detailed order notifications

Order notification is to get additional WhatsApp or emails notifications once new order received in your store. Previously, you could not get full details of order. Now you can click "Get Details" button to get full details

Subscribe to receive order notifications

Sending WhatsApp notifications is not free and Take App has been paid the cost ourselves to Meta. In two weeks ago, we changed that only paid subscribers can receive the notifications to sustain our business. However, we received constructive feedback that it is too sudden change. We listen to your feedback and temporarily enabled it until the end of this month. You can subscribe now to continue using the notifications.

Learn more

Go to billing settings to subscribe

Other changes

  • Add notes and tags in customer csv export
  • Select products to edit in bulk
  • Payment status added in orders csv export
  • Removed obsolete images to reflect correct image usages

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