"Our sales have multiplied many folds since we started using it"

Customer Story: Anisha Bole - Co-Founder of PANIPURIZZ

Anisha Bole, the co-founder of PANIPURIZZ, a thriving home-based Indian street food business in Singapore, started her journey in 2017. Motivated by a desire to raise funds for charity, Anisha turned her passion into a successful venture. What sets PANIPURIZZ apart is its specialty in serving delectable and authentic Indian street food, particularly Pani Puris, known for their burst of tangy and spicy flavors.

Anisha's search for an efficient way to manage increasing orders led her to Take App. She recounts, "I started with Google forms but was looking for a simple WhatsApp-based platform. That’s when I found TakeApp, and it was a game-changer for PANIPURIZZ."

Impact of Take App on PANIPURIZZ

The ease of operation and the ability to manage her business on the go are features of Take App that Anisha finds most valuable. She explains, "Take App has made operating my business incredibly smooth. Our sales have multiplied many folds since we started using it."

Anisha also appreciates the platform's efficiency in order management, highlighting how it saves time and reduces the risk of errors, a common issue with manual WhatsApp order taking. She says, "Before Take App, managing orders was chaotic. Now, it's streamlined, and I don't miss any messages."

Vision and Future with Take App

Looking ahead, Anisha envisions continued growth for PANIPURIZZ with Take App as a pivotal partner. She aspires to increase her customer base and potentially explore new business models like home dining. Anisha's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of her business ethos.

A Special Note from Anisha

Anisha's message to potential Take App users is clear and heartfelt: "Take App is a wonderful platform. It’s user-friendly, and the team is always willing to add new features based on feedback. It's a great tool for anyone looking to streamline their business."


Experience the flavors and convenience of PANIPURIZZ yourself. Visit their Take App store at and discover the ease of ordering delicious Indian street food right to your doorstep.