Nur Rose's Kitchen

Nur Rose's Kitchen

"It's a bridge connecting my passion with my patrons"

Meet Nur Rose Balinas, the Heart and Soul Behind Nur Rose's Kitchen

From Passion to Business: The Birth of Nur Rose's Kitchen

Nur Rose Balinas, a vibrant entrepreneur, transformed her culinary passion into a thriving business. Launching Nur Rose's Kitchen in June 2020, amid the challenging COVID-19 era, she turned a setback into an opportunity. This journey began as a beloved hobby, catering to friends and family during special occasions since 2013. Fueled by positive feedback and a deep love for cooking, Nur Rose embarked on a path to sharing her culinary art with a wider audience.

"Starting Nur Rose's Kitchen wasn't just about business, it was about bringing a piece of my heart to every plate," reflects Nur Rose.

Discovering Take App: A Seamless Transition to Online Success

Nur Rose's encounter with Take App was serendipitous. Impressed by the seamless transaction experience from a home-based seller, she was intrigued. The promise of creating her own website effortlessly led her to Nur Rose's Kitchen on Take App, marking the start of a transformative journey.

The Value of Take App: Effortless Ordering and Vibrant Displays

For Nur Rose, the standout features of Take App are its product image showcase and the intuitive ordering form. These tools enable her customers to effortlessly browse, order, and check prices, enhancing their shopping experience. The visual appeal of her dishes is matched by the ease of transaction, making every visit to her store a delightful encounter.

"Take App transformed the way my customers interact with my kitchen. It's not just an app; it's a bridge connecting my passion with my patrons," says Nur Rose.