Bangla Bondhu

Bangla Bondhu

"It's a gateway to deeper customer relationships"

Archana, the heart and soul behind Bangla Bondhu (বাংলা বন্ধু), runs a cloud kitchen in Singapore that specializes in authentic Bengali and Gujarati cuisine. This unique home-based venture offers a variety of dishes like chicken, fish, mutton, and the famous Kolkata kathi rolls, attracting customers who share a deep connection with Kolkata and its flavors.

The Inspiration Behind Bangla Bondhu

Archana was inspired to start her business by a friend back in India and her own love for Kolkata's cuisine. She noticed a gap in Singapore's food scene for authentic Bengali dishes and decided to fill it. With the help of her husband, who has a background in logistics and technology, she set up Bangla Bondhu in September 2022.

Choosing Take App for Ease and Efficiency

Take App’s simplicity and the convenience of managing orders from anywhere were key factors in their choice. With Take App, Archana could easily communicate with her staff and handle customer interactions, even when she was not physically present in her kitchen.

Strengthening Customer Bonds with Take App

For Archana of Bangla Bondhu, Take App isn't just a tool for managing orders – it's a gateway to deeper customer relationships. The heart of her business lies in the personal stories and connections made possible through WhatsApp communication. Archana fondly recalls how her dishes evoke cherished memories for her customers, transporting them back to their childhood or to their grandmother’s kitchen.

A standout example is a customer who became a passionate advocate for her kathi rolls. His enthusiasm and personal recommendations led to at least 15 new customers, all asking for "his style" of rolls. This is more than a business transaction; it's about forming genuine relationships. Through WhatsApp, Archana doesn't just hear orders; she listens to stories, shares in memories, and builds friendships that transcend the usual customer-business dynamic.

Responsive Support from Take App Team

Archana values the swift and supportive response she receives from the Take App team whenever she encounters challenges, like when items mistakenly appear as sold out. This responsive assistance has been crucial for her, particularly as a small business owner navigating the complexities of a startup. She emphasizes the significance of having a reliable support system in place, which Take App consistently provides, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind.

Tips for New Small Business Owners

Archana advises new small business owners to welcome the challenges that come with starting up. She emphasizes the importance of support and recommends Take App for its straightforward communication and quick solutions. Her experience shows that having a reliable platform can make a big difference in the early stages of a business.

Bangla Bondhu's Promise

Bangla Bondhu promises an authentic taste of Bengal right in the heart of Singapore. Visit to experience the rich flavors and heartfelt stories behind each dish.