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How to Use WhatsApp Screen Share in Business

Aug 11, 2023

Youmin Kim
Founder of Take App

WhatsApp's latest feature, "Screen Share in video call," is a game-changer that holds immense potential for transforming the way we use video conferencing app in business.


  1. What is WhatsApp Screen Sharing?

  2. Benefits of Screen Sharing in Business

  3. How to Use WhatsApp for Screen Sharing

  4. Recipient Experience

  5. Tips and Troubleshooting

  6. Industries that Can Benefit

  7. Conclusion

What is WhatsApp Screen Sharing?

WhatsApp's screen sharing function enhances video-calling experiences, positioning it to rival video conferencing apps like Microsoft Meet, Google Meet, Zoom, and FaceTime. This feature allows WhatsApp app users to seamlessly share documents, images, and even shopping carts during video calls.

This feature enables WhatsApp users to share their screens during one-on-one or group WhatsApp video calls, enhancing remote collaboration. Whether in professional or personal settings, it offers real-time visual connections that streamline discussions, presentations, and interactions. By eliminating the need for complex software installations, Screen Sharing simplifies remote work, enabling teams to co-create and communicate effectively. In an era of virtual interactions, this tool redefines how we connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Benefits of Screen Sharing in Business

Businesses may question the need for WhatsApp screen share when other options like Zoom and Teams exist. The reality is that WhatsApp's dominance as an instant messaging app ensures widespread accessibility, making it an ideal platform for collaboration across diverse technological preferences.

Moreover, its compatibility with low-end devices and the universal usage of phone numbers, especially in WhatsApp-dominant regions, eliminates the need for cumbersome email communication.

WhatsApp video calls and screen share feature will open up new dimensions of seamless and user-friendly collaboration, making it the go-to solution for businesses aiming to foster effective communication and engagement across a wide spectrum of users and industries.

How to Use WhatsApp for Screen Sharing

To get started with screen sharing on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure You Have the Right Version: Update to latest WhatsApp.

  2. Initiate a Video Call: Start a video call with the desired contact.

  3. Access the Call Control View: Locate the call control view during the call.

  4. Tap the Screen Sharing Icon: Find and tap the designated screen sharing icon.

  5. Grant Necessary Permissions: Allow WhatsApp to access your device's screen content.

  6. Share Your Screen: Your entire screen content will be shared in real-time.

  7. Control and Monitor Sharing: Pause, resume, or stop sharing using WhatsApp's controls.

Recipient Experience

The recipient will see exactly what's displayed on your screen during the call. This feature is invaluable for presentations, sharing photos, and even showcasing online shopping carts.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Use latest WhatsApp for smooth screen sharing.

  • Note that screen sharing may not work optimally in large group calls.

  • Users with outdated WhatsApp versions may have limited screen sharing capabilities.

Stay informed about WhatsApp's updates as the screen sharing feature continues to roll out gradually.

Industries that Can Benefit

Here are five industries poised to gain substantial benefits from this innovative tool.

Customer Support and Service Industries

Personalized assistance through visual guidance like "How to use pap" slideshow, ensuring efficient issue resolution and fostering customer loyalty.

Field Services and Maintenance

Remote guidance for technicians during repairs, reducing downtime and minimizing the need for in-person visits. Customers can easily share their screen recording while doing group video calls.

Hospitality and Tourism

Engaging virtual tours, menu presentations, and immersive experiences that captivate potential guests

Consulting and Coaching

Global reach for consultants and educators, offering virtual sessions, group video calls, interactive presentations, and real-time guidance.

Insurance and Financial Services

Simplifying complex policies and strategies through visual explanations, enhancing client understanding and decision-making.


WhatsApp's "Screen Share in video call" feature marks a significant step forward in business collaboration. By seamlessly integrating visual sharing, WhatsApp is redefining customer interactions, bridging technological gaps, and opening doors for enhanced communication across industries.

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