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Reflecting on 2023: Take App's Year Summary

Jan 5, 2024

Founder of Take App

Happy New Year! Let us share summary of Take App's 2023 product updates.

Payment Methods and Checkout

  • We added a number of new payment methods including PayPal, M-Pesa, PayNow, GCash, Xendit, PayFast, Yoco, Zelle and Cash App.

  • Store Credit: Allows customers to pay with store credits set by merchants

  • Editable Delivery Fee: Flexibility to adjust delivery fees post-order confirmation.

Website and Product Catalog

  • Multiple language support: English, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Uzbek, Hebrew

  • Improved Product Import: Supports a variety of template files for easier product imports.

  • Product Bulk Editor: Simplify product information updates with our Excel-like editor. Plus, we launched AI Bulk Products Import (Beta).

  • Tip Card Option: Allows customers to add tips during checkout

  • Custom Domain: Enhanced UI and functionality for managing custom domains

  • File Upload in Checkout: Allow customers to upload images or documents during checkout.

  • Customer Account Feature: Email-based login for customers to track order history.

WhatsApp Order Management

  • Table Booking: Streamlined online table booking system with WhatsApp reminders.

  • WhatsApp Order Editor: Edit orders directly in WhatsApp for a seamless management experience.

  • Inventory Adjustment Alerts: Automated inventory checks and updates during order edits, ensuring accurate stock levels.

Integrations and Merchants Experience

As we move forward into 2024, your feedback remains a crucial driver for our progress. We're dedicated to enhancing your Take App experience. Please share your ideas or vote on feature requests at this link.

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