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2024 June Product Updates

Jun 13, 2024

Founder of Take App

At Take App, our mission is to make commerce more intuitive and accessible. We've been busy improving many features over the last three months, and we're excited to share them with you.

Local Payment Methods

We've added several new local payment methods to make transactions smoother for you and your customers:

  • Paystack (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya)

  • Razorpay (India)

  • Pocket Pay (Brunei)

  • Payhere (Sri Lanka)

  • Mercado Pago (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru)

  • Wise (Global)

  • Pesapal (Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

  • Kaspi (Kazakhstan)

  • Lynk (Jamaica)

  • IKhoKha (South Africa)

  • Ecocash (Zimbabwe)

  • Innbucks (Zimbabwe)

  • MonCash (Haiti)

  • CellMoni (Papua New Guinea)

  • TigoPesa (Tanzania)

  • PromptPay (Thailand)

Learn more how to add payment methods.

Delivery Management

  • Google Maps on Invoices and Admin Details: View delivery locations on a Google map in your invoices and admin order details for easier operations.

  • Map Location in Delivery Address: Customers can now pin their location on a map when entering their delivery address, ensuring accurate delivery locations. Merchants can view the map link in the invoice. Learn more.

  • WhatsApp Order Summaries: Quickly send multiple order details, including delivery addresses, to your staff via WhatsApp. Find this feature under Admin > Orders > Select orders and click the "Actions" button.

Learn more how to add delivery methods.


  • Automatic WhatsApp messages: Automatically send WhatsApp messages like "Your order is now confirmed" when the order status updates.

  • Inventory low alert: Send WhatsApp messages to your staffs when product inventory is low

  • Customer Review: Automatically ask for customer reviews via WhatsApp after order fulfillment.

  • Payment Reminder: Send reminders for pending payments over 3 hours. Access these features in Admin > Settings > Workflows.

Learn more how to add workflows.

Storefront Website and Checkout

  • Telegram, Line, and Messenger Checkout: We're expanding our checkout options to include Telegram, Line, and Messenger for even more flexibility.

  • Storefront Info: Show opening hours, location, and customer reviews in the storefront. Customers can easily grasp this information from the store profile.

  • Improved Invoice UI

  • Image Card with Link: Enhance your storefront with images that have clickable links!

  • Login with Google: you can login without entering verification code

  • Faster Storefront Loading: We've upgraded our backend systems to ensure your storefront loads quickly, even on older devices or in areas with weak network signals.

Content Updates

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please tell us or vote.

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