Take App Renewal

May 2, 2023

Breaking changes

Link format and domain changed

take.app/abc is basic format (previously, take.app/a/abc )

If you did not have ID, your phone number will be the ID. No more checkout page

This means people will always message you once they create order. Previously, if you use checkout page, customers were sent to checkout page to choose payment methods. Once payment done, they send you order message.

In new version, customers will always send you order message. The message includes payment links and customers can pay via credit card (Stripe) or manual payment methods.

Some card types in editor were removed

  • Reservation

  • Lead

  • Review

  • Referral

  • Subscribe

No more forward or rolling phone numbers

You can easily change phone number of your order form in the store setting. Note that the forward number will be the main phone number of the store if you had set.

Order notifications are required to set up again

Members should register and turn on order notifications in their profile settings. Notifications except order notifications are deprecated.

No Telegram integrations anymore