New dashboard

May 13, 2023

New dashboard

Our new dashboard has simple analytics of pageviews, orders, and revenue. You can change date range to see different dates.

Bulk actions in products

Bulk actions are important when you have many products to change settings. You can select products and change visibilty in a few clicks. Visibility change, add to collections , and deletion are available.

Bulk actions in orders

We support the change order status in bulk. Print button is to print multiple orders in a click.

Order edit

Admins can chose any options or delivery date while creating orders. "Add custom item" and "Adjustment" are added so admins can amend amount customers have to pay.

Other updates

  • Order invoice and message format cleaned up

  • In Product collections card, you can change of sequence of products

  • Turned off google address input suggestions

  • Added back Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

  • Improve iOS number input to have decimal point and minus

  • Layout optimisation for receipt printers